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Kamo Nova (PTY) LTD


KAMO NOVA (PTY) LTD offers a full range of Construction and I.T Solutions. Construction business – That seeks to build sustainable, yet affordable commercial and residential buildings. Our philosophy is that we are a responsible, accountable, relevant and exceptional company. The competitive advantage of our company is that its 100% Black owned company and will always strive to develop all relevant groups in the community We pride ourselves in creating jobs to unemployed women, man and youth in our community and commit to do the same in other communities. We work with different stake holders for a safe and developed community. I.T Solutions- This would cover issues from day to day trouble shooting strategic long term planning by employing our I.T Solutions, client will gain something just as valuable as money and indispensable to the running of their businesses, instead of spending time sorting network problems and more complex I.T concerns prospective clients can spend their time being innovative, focusing on the attainment of strategic objectives that make their business thrive. In accordance with the better the prospective clients will have quality time to focus on their core business while we provide a full range of I.T support services. Key to success is marketing effectively, strategic partnership and hiring qualified and knowledgeable staff to aid in the running of the business. Products & services  PAINTING  TILLING  PAVING  SUPPLIER GOODS & SERVICES  DOMESTIC CLEANING & SITE CLEANING  END-USER COMPUTER TRAINING  MOBILE PHONE SUPPORT  BUSINESS SERVICES  CARDS  FLAYERS  COMPUTER REPAIR


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Country CodeZA

South AfricaAfrica

Land Area
1,219,090 km2

GDP 491 Billion

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