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Letsopa Ceramics

100% Proudly South African Handmade Ceramics

Letsopa Ceramics is a proudly South African, 100% handmade ceramics manufacturer based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Our entirely handmade earthenware products are created and molded from clay. In our manufacturing process, we only use raw materials that are local to South Africa and of the finest quality. Our designs are all unique and original as well as we offer the client the option to custom make a truly special design for the home, lodge, shop etc. Letsopa Ceramics - each piece handmade, hand-painted and no two pieces the same.


Handmade ceramic decorative bowl
Handmade ceramic decorative bowl
HS CODE691200

Afrique, is a beautifully 100% proudly South African handmade ceramic decorative bowl, designed with the warm colours of Africa in mind. The product can be customised with a selection of colours to compliment the specific placing of the bowl. The bowl displayed is designed with warm brown shades, enhanced with bronze and matt glaze to ensure the final product reflects an earthy feel and look. Product not recommended for microwave or dishwasher. 100% Proudly South African ceramics customised to clients

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