The Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) is the implementation arm of the Department of Economic Development created in terms of the Blue IQ Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd Amended Act (2012) merging Blue IQ Investment Holdings and the Gauteng Economic Development Agency (GEDA.)

The GGDA is a group of companies made up of a Holding company and four subsidiaries i.e.

  • Automotive Supply Park t/a Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC)
  • The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC)
  • Constitution Hill (ConHill)
  • Gauteng Industrial Development Zone (GIDZ)

The mandate thereof, is to lead, facilitate and manage sustainable job creation and inclusive economic growth and development in the Gauteng City Region through:

  • Enabling economic development that is focused on creating sustainable jobs by facilitating the delivery of key national and provincial programmes of
  • Strategically positioning the province into a globally competitive city
  • Facilitating partnerships and creating linkages across the province to maximise service delivery
  • Supporting the development of Key Sectors of the economy in line with the economic development and industrial strategies of the province by carrying out:
    √ Business enablement
    √ Establishment of capital projects
    √ Land development
    √ Trade and investment promotion

The successful incumbent will be reporting to the GGDA Group Audit and Risk Committee and Group Chief Executive Officer, he/she will be responsible for the following:

  • Planning and executing various compliance and operational audits in accordance with the Internal Audit Charter in order to facilitate the achievement of GGDA business objectives.
  • Evaluating new or changing services, processes and operations,
  • Assist in the investigation of significant suspected incidents of fraudulent activities within the organization and notify management and the Audit Committee of the findings,
  • Developing links and reliance on external audit on the internal audit function,
  • Acting as a key relationship officer in respect of the Auditor General,
  • Report to the Audit Committee on internal audit activities,
  • Develop Annual Internal Audit Plans for the Group of Companies, for approval by the Audit Committee.
  • Develop a three (3) year audit plan and strategy in line with IIA standards for approval by the Audit Committee,
  • Develop and maintain an Integrated Combined Assurance Mode (CAM),
  • Support Management and the Supply Chain team on probity audits on an ad-hoc basis,
  • Conducting an internal audit of significant activities of line departments to ensure compliance,
  • Planning and executing audits which complement the work of the external auditor, Executing detailed audit procedures, including identifying and defining issues,
  • Promoting a high level of control awareness throughout the GGDA and assisting in the deterrence of fraud by evaluating the adequacy of internal controls in mitigating fraud risks,
  • Following up on the progress of implementation of recommendations and monitoring the rectification actions taken by the line departments in addressing audit issues.

As a minimum an applicant should have the following requirements:

  • Postgraduate qualifications in Internal Audit or Auditing
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) or Chartered Accountant (CASA) Qualification is an added
  • 12+ years of auditing experience in the private or public sector of which 5 years must be at Senior Managerial level

 Level of competencies required:

  • Knowledge of the Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations
  • Knowledge of the standards for the professional practice of internal audit
  • Knowledge of and skills in applying internal audit principles and practices and management principles
  • Knowledge of financial systems
  • Develops written and verbal communication aimed at various audiences and communicates using language and style to capture the attention of the audience. Communicates well at senior levels and handles one-on-one discussions as well as potentially hostile individuals in a group

Personal/Leadership Skills

  • Good interpersonal and presentation skills, ability to actively promote collaborative work between
  • Good people management skills, ability to delegate assignments to appropriate people based on their skills, roles, and interests, including assigning an individual to represent him/her at meetings,
  • Lateral thinker, with strong communication skills (written and verbal), Decisive, resilient, persuasive and influential
  • Establishing good service and business relationships with customers on a personal basis and training/encouraging staff to support this
  • Influences the leadership style in the organisation and influences the organisation climate to become achievement oriented
  • Make an immediate positive impression on others, establishing authority and rapport and credibility
  • Ability Generates ideas for projects. Collects information that may be useful for reports/meetings.
  • Excellent audit execution skills, high attention to detail and ability to work under pressure
  • High ethical standards personally and professionally. Reliable and trustworthy, showing integrity and fairness in dealing with others. Respect ethical and moral
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, ensures contingency planning takes place throughout the organisation and brings a multi-disciplinary approach to forward planning
  • Ability to interact at all levels, particularly at senior management level, and continue to strive for a goal as long as it is realistically attainable despite adversity/setbacks.

Applications must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualifications and certified copies of identity documentation.

Preference will be given to people with disabilities, women, and previously disadvantaged individuals to promote Employment Equity within the group.

The closing date for applications is 03 March 2023 at 12:00HRS (Midday) and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Enquiries and submissions should be addressed to  recruitment@ggda.co.za