The unit serves as the critical link in the Gauteng investment value chain. It focuses on providing potential investors with a centralised resource to investigate, initiate and launch businesses in the province.

Improves the GGDA and the province’s ability to conceptualise and implement targeted initiatives that will grow the key sectors and sub-sectors of the economy.

A significant priority of the Gauteng government is expanding foreign trade and achieving a stable, growing, and integrated economic region.

The Trade, Investment and Regulatory Enablement unit focuses on attracting investment and successfully establishing Gauteng as a preferred destination for investment opportunities while actively promoting export opportunities for Gauteng-based businesses. It builds regional and continental networks and trade platforms and identifies opportunities for export development across the region, continent and beyond.

The unit is home to the InvestSA Gauteng One-Stop-Shop, an investment promotion agency for the province. Gauteng is the smallest province by geographical size but has the highest

economic activity. Investment promotion results in much-needed capital, job creation, skills development, technology and exports, and increases productivity and innovation.

It is responsible for fostering and maintaining a positive image of the Gauteng City Region and branding it as an attractive investment destination through sharing the opportunities and success that emanate from the various projects implemented by the Group.

Strategic Promotions and Marketing ultimately supports the other business units and provides an oversight role in the marketing and communications activities of the GGDA’s subsidiaries.

Infrastructure development ensures fast economic growth and alleviates poverty in South Africa. The GGDA’s Enterprise Project Management Office implements strategic economic infrastructure that supports and facilitates radical economic transformation and the reindustrialisation of Gauteng by providing holistic management over multiple projects. It serves as an overarching umbrella organisation that maintains oversight and quality assurance over various programmes and projects.

The timeous delivery of infrastructure projects is critical to ensuring sustained investor confidence and facilitating the economic empowerment of local emerging contractors.