Innovation and Skills Training

Strengthening innovation ecosystems and investing in skills development.

Investments in education and skills training have high returns as they develop an economy’s long-term competitiveness and sustainability. Governments can foster innovation by reducing its risk, collaborating, or setting standards or regulations to encourage it.

The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub (TIH) offers several incubation programmes in the Bioeconomy (agro-processing and pharmaceutical), Smart Industries (ICT and advanced manufacturing) and Green Economy (Water purification, waste management and renewable energy). TIH also operates a range of enterprise development, skills development (focusing on youth) and innovation-enabling programmes in the science park and throughout the Gauteng region.

Constitutional Hill

Constitutional Hill is the home of South Africa’s Constitutional Court and a former site of prisons, where many of our great leaders were incarcerated. It is a site for social justice, dialogue, debate and contestation.

Through its educational programmes, Constitutional Hill aims to provide learners with an interactive, dynamic learning experience that makes the Constitution tangible, real and alive. Its wish as an educational site is to ensure that learners from across the country can benefit from the school programme by encouraging educators and school stakeholders to view Constitution Hill as a crucial learning site.


The AIDC aims to strengthen global competitiveness in the local automotive industry and bolster Gauteng’s position as an automotive industry destination of choice. It specialises in, amongst others, Skills Development and Training, Enterprise Development, and Incubation Programmes.

The Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre is a state-of-art facility for skills and development training within the automotive sector. It offers training in the latest technologies, which match the latest vehicle models.

Black-owned start-up businesses within the Incubation Centre receive subsidised rental, mentorship and training by professionals with business development and financial support, furthering the mandate to create jobs and develop sustainable SMMEs.